About Us

We are a small independent publisher. We publish children’s books that are based on biological facts, not the non-scientific concept of ‘gender identity.’  We are non-political and non-religious. 

There are so many picture books for children about gender identity and being transgender, we feel there is a need for alternative books to help children sort out the fact from the fiction. We also believe children deserve high-quality books that are non-preachy, with a high standard of writing and illustration. This is what we aim to produce.

We believe that teaching the idea of gender identity as fact is confusing and harmful for all children’s development and understanding of reality, and that it represents a safeguarding risk. 

We believe that children have a right to receive good sex education, delivered at appropriate ages, mostly in secondary school, by experienced teachers. 

Children should be taught about their growing bodies, how girls and boys’ bodies differ and what healthy relationships look like. 

We think children should learn about gay and lesbian relationships in an age-appropriate way. Children should be taught to challenge sex and gender stereotypes but on the other hand should not be shamed for having interests that are stereotypical for their sex.

We believe that teachers should be supported to discuss transgender issues in a factual, evidence-based and age-appropriate way that complements rather than undermines the teaching of science in the national curriculum. Teaching children they have an innate ‘gender identity’ has no basis in evidence and children should be helped to understand the difference between facts and feelings. 

We believe that children deserve truth from adults and should be supported to develop critical thinking skills about the misinformation they are exposed to online about sex and gender. 

We are not for profit, and all funds go towards funding further resources.