Book Communicating with Kids


Communicating with Kids is a book guaranteed to help all parents, whatever your parenting style. It is not based on any parenting ideology or model, but instead on genuine experience of communicating with a wide range of children. It is a plain-talking book that presents communication methods that work, so parents gain the confidence to be themselves.

This book explains how so often children are not resisting our message but the way we are sending it. It demonstrates why some of the ways we communicate lead to exactly the opposite of the behaviour we want, providing methods to tweak your language and approach so that children are willing to help you. So much of the parenting advice we hear works against a child’s developing brain, so this book shows you how to work with it instead – which makes all the difference.

Once you understand what you are saying and what your child actually hears, life with children becomes so much easier.

Written by Stephanie Davies-Arai, an experienced communication skills trainer who has delivered training to schools, and courses and workshops for parents for over twenty years. Stephanie is the recipient of a British Empire Medal in the Queen’s Jubilee Birthday Honours list, for Services to Children.

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