Sex and Gender: An Introductory Guide



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Written and illustrated by the hugely talented Phoebe Rose, this engaging book will help young people explore questions about sex, gender, sexual orientation and gender stereotypes in an age-appropriate way. This wonderful guide provides a vital opportunity for young people to have positive, healthy discussions that promote true body positivity and embrace diversity.

Phoebe, a former teacher, is a young lesbian woman with a recent ASD diagnosis. This is reflected in her relatable, humourous and diverse characters that bring every page to life.

Teens and pre-teens are surrounded by confusing messages about sex and gender. Parents and teachers have told us there is a lack of clear, factual and accessible information for this age group. We’re confident that Sex And Gender will fill this gap and become an important addition to the RSE or PHSE curriculum. 



Sex And Gender An illustrated Guide

‘I am so happy to see you have written a book that gives another (more positive) way to look at normal young life differences children feel’.
Thank you 

‘Relatable characters and fabulous illustrations. Favorite page is the menstrual cycle!’

Invaluable in starting solid discussions around sex and gender. Helps kids (and teachers) grasp the difference between sex differences and sexism!!